Landing Page Hosting – Top 5 for Drag and Drop beta sign up.

Landing Page Top 5 List

One question we get a lot at Waitlisted is where should I host my landing page. Since Waitlisted does not currently host or build landing pages, its a common question for makers. They want to use our simple modal, but where do they put it and how do they make their page convert. This list goes over some of the best page builders that work with



What we like:  Full mobile / responsive support. Easy to add a custom script tag, which allows you to embed custom plugins like waitlisted. Instapage takes the approach of focusing on what converts and giving marketers the tools to optimize campaigns. One of the really awesome utilities that Instapage provides, is the ability to import a page on your site, and using the styles to generate your landing page. Instapage works really well with Waitlisted, try it out if you need a great page to host your modal.

Lead Pages

What we like: A really powerful drag and drop editor. Lead Pages’ editor is like nothing we’ve ever seen. You can create very power, very engaging, very interactive pages, just by creating them visually.


What we like:  You can use their great template to get up and running in about 5 minutes. Using their custom HTML block option, you can paste in your waitlisted embed code. Very simple to link a button to launch the waitlisted modal.

Square Space

What we like: Well known, well supported. Square space has been around forever and are making a huge push to become a premier hosting solution. Its a bit harder to embed the waitlisted code, but we have a tutorial up on our site. A great option, especially if you want to build out more than a single landing page.


What we like:  Support for custom JS and HTML. Good resources for getting your landing page up and running. Check it out, they have a good offering.