Sharing Economy – Uber for X: A Post Mortem


If you’ve never heard of Uber, Congratulations, You’ve been living under a literal rock. One of the great pioneers of the sharing economy.

All Jokes aside, Uber is a Mammoth of a company, that i’ve written a few blogs about over the years, and its meteoric rise to Startup Stardom has lead to quite a few ambitious entrepreneurs trying to crack the code  required to create the next uber.

A common trend amongst the most ambitious Uberprenuer is creating the “Uber for X” and this will be the focus of this post.

Simply put, the biggest misconception around Uber for X, is that Uber’s value proposition is transportation, logistics or delivery. The truth is, that Uber’s value is that it alleviates the need for you to own a car that you only use a few times a week, for a few minutes a day.  The real Uber for X’s get that and they aren’t trying to compete in things you can do with cars / drivers because that pool is closed, its a waste of breath, they own what they can, and they own it hard. No gold left in those mines.

To participate in the Uber for X economy today, focus your attention at alleviating other high cost / maintenance verticals, around products people need but use infrequently use.

A great case came up recently with Chicago start up, PrintWithMe. Hearing about what they were doing, they were truly the Uber of Printing. They’ve solved the problem of finding a printer, configuring it to print, and maintaining it. Ink, paper etc, managed. No longer do I need a clunky piece of shelf plastic for the 10 things I need to print a year.

Figure out what Vertical you can disrupt by alleviating ownership, then become the Uber for X, then launch it with Waitlisted.