Startup Listing Spotlight: Startup Stash

If you are creating product, odds are you are going to need some software. This can range from stock art and design, to business mapping tools. You may even want to list your own product in an effort to share it with the masses of makers building products.

Visit Startup Stash

Startup Stash is an awesome place where those two worlds collide. Waitlisted is listed on Startup Stash under the MVP directory. We help creators quickly bootstrap new concepts by allowing them to effortlessly and robustly create viral marketing campaigns.

Find more tools like waitlisted along with promoting you own product to thousands of other early stage startups by listing it FOR FREE, on startup stash.

This is a curated directory so don’t feel too bad if your product doesn’t get listed, or if it takes a while. Hopefully you will at least find some useful resources.