MVP: It all starts by validating your idea

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a noise. Easily one of the most popular quotes of the modern world. While novel in its approach we can apply it greatly to product.  If you write a ton of code, and spend countless hours testing it, and it has every feature you can imagine, but you can’t generate a user base, does your product matter? This is where an MVP can add a ton of value.

Waitlisted’s goal is to help makers quickly validate their ideas, and present them to the masses to answer a simple question. Is my marketing, messaging and user base potential enough to generate enough interest to get a user to fork over the most basic of currency; A contact.

Minimum Viable Product – MVP

Validate your product with an MVP, test your idea and your ability to market before spending time and money on building every idea you have. In the end, let your users and your data drive what you build, or you might make something no one wants or no one sees.

Spend more time in the early days building your reach and interest and less time building features that solve problems that you don’t know your users will have.  Find out the real problems people who are interested in your product have and build for that.

Making product often comes down to solving for X. But the math rarely works out when we guess what it is, rather than using data to balance the equation of users to product.

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